Fast Facts about SGH Surgery
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  • DMC Sinai-Grace has a surgical intensive care unit designed just for recovery of surgical patients, staffed with experts in these types of cases. The hospital also has medical ICUs and an intermediate medical care unit.
  • The surgeons at Sinai-Grace do a significant amount of surgery on critically ill patients – giving its surgical teams experience in caring for the most difficult patients. Using a classification system developed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, 96 percent of the patients who undergo surgery at Sinai-Grace have several health conditions, such as high blood pressure or chronic heart failure, that make operating on them more difficult.
  • The Sinai-Grace operating room team’s communication process before and after surgery is similar to that used by airline pilots. Surgical teams check and double check everything in a process called briefing and debriefing that improves patient safety. All medications are also double checked through computerized medication scanning to prevent medication errors.
  • The O.R. nursing staff has an average of 29 years of experience. “In surgery, experience counts,” says Patricia Felton, administrative director of surgical services. And she should know. She has been in nursing herself for 35 years. She is also highly educated, with a string of degrees after her name that reads like alphabet soup: MAed, MBA, BSN, CNAA-BC, RN. Felton also insists on experience among her management team. “Every leader in the O.R. has at least five years of experience in management in addition to surgical nursing experience.”

For more information about DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital’s surgical services or a referral to a Sinai-Grace surgeon, call 313-966-4800.