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When you or a loved one experiences a health crisis or a loss, you may need to reach out for comfort, guidance or assistance. Our Spiritual Care Services team can help provide that support regardless of your culture or religious affiliation.

A Chaplain is available at your request to provide spiritual care to patients and families. This may include discussion, prayer or referral to an outside clergy or counseling. Chaplains can help you with coming to understand:
  • Your relationship with God or the Transcendant
  • Your relationship with people in your life
  • A sense of meaning and purpose
  • Finding meaning in your suffering

Chaplains are committed to providing spiritual care with compassion and respect for all patients, family and friends, and to honoring religious, spiritual and cultural preferences with dignity. If you would like a spiritual leader or clergy from your faith tradition to visit you, our chaplains can assist in making that connection for you.

Our professional chaplains are theologically and clinically trained to be part of an integrated health care team focused on healing the entire person.

Spiritual Care Services

Services available for your healing and hope include:
  • Someone to listen to you
  • Prayer or blessing
  • Loss and grief support
  • Consultation on processing the teachings of your religious tradition regarding medical decisions, ethics and matters of conscience
  • Life transition rituals, such as sacraments, last rites and memorial services
  • Collaboration with local clergy to enhance patient care and provide a continuity of support beyond the hospital walls
  • Patient/family referrals to local faith communities
  • Referrals for long-term counseling

Also available are Bibles, Qur'ans, and other religious literature and “Comfort Closet” items such as inspirational tapes and books, as well as games and puzzles to help pass the time.

We encourage you to request a visit by a chaplain.

Patients can ask a staff member to page us at #5861 or dial 6-3452.

Outside the hospital call 313-966-3452, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Religious Facilities

DMC Sinai-Grace is pleased to have available three different venues to serve as quiet spaces for spiritual reflection and thoughtful solitude.
  • Muslim Prayer Rooms on the third floor of the Lourdes Building
  • Christian Chapel on 1 Main, near the cafeteria
  • Hebrew Prayer Room on 1 Main, near the cafeteria

To respect the needs of all those using these rooms, we ask that any conversation be maintained at a low volume. The rooms are available 24 hours a day.