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Mammography and Breast Imaging

A Mammogram is an x-ray that images inside the breast. It helps find signs of disease. Sinai-Grace Hospital offers completely digital imaging as part of our state-of-the-art services. As a certified American College of Radiology Center of Excellence, and an FDA certified mammography facility, we believe in quality care. Our experienced professional team will always provide you with exceptional service. 

Breast Imaging Services

Our breast imaging services include:

  • Screening Mammogram – A routine yearly exam. It is usually about a half hour appointment and your results are mailed to you.
  • Diagnostic Mammogram – Checks current breast concerns or is an exam in less than one year. This is a longer appointment. You will know your results before you leave.
  • Computer Aided Detection (CAD) - The digital system offers a computerized electronic reading. As part of your exam, the radiologist may use CAD as an aide to evaluate your x-rays.
  • Additional Views – A follow up exam after a screening mammogram. It looks at a certain area of the breast.
  • Breast Ultrasound – An exam using ultrasonic waves
  • Cyst Aspiration – A procedure to take fluid from a lump. The radiologist puts a thin needle into a cyst and removes the fluid. This often causes it to resolve. It is rarely a sign of cancer.
  • Ultrasound Guided Needle Biopsy – A procedure to take tissue from a lump. The radiologist uses a needle to take out a few small pieces of tissue. It is sent to the lab for further study.
  • Stereotactic Guided Biopsy – A procedure to take tissue from an area that can be seen better on an x-ray. It uses a special table and a computer to guide the needle.
  • Needle Localization – A procedure to mark an area to be removed surgically. It is done in the radiology area before surgery. It will be done using ultrasound or x-ray guidance.
  • Ductogram – a procedure to check a milk duct. Dye is put through a small straw into the duct. It checks for a blockage or growth.

The Day of the Exam

  • Your x-rays are done as quickly as possible. However, it may take one to two hours to complete some exams.
  • Do not use deodorant, powder, or lotion on your body.
  • You will need to fill out a short history form and sign a consent for treatment. 

Please remember to bring the following:

  • Insurance card(s)
  • Referral form if needed.
  • Picture identification
  • Prescription from your doctor: It should note the reason for your x-ray. 
  • Breast films if taken at another center.

IMPORTANT: You may need to wait or reschedule your exam if you do not have the correct forms.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please call us 24 hours in advance. 1-888-DMC-2500.

What to Expect During a Mammogram

You will undress from the waste up and placed into a hospital gown. The technologist will review your health history and ask you about any breast problems.

Two views of each breast are required. During each view, your breast will need to be compressed in order to get the best images, with the pressure lasting for only a few seconds. There will be a short wait while the tech reviews the image quality. With digital imaging, the pictures appear on a computer screen and this technology has allowed better imaging for younger women and those with dense breasts. 

Your Results

You can be assured that a technologist registered in breast imaging will perform your mammogram and your images will be read by our board certified radiologists. A report will be sent to your doctor within 24 to 48 hours. Also, you will get results mailed to your home.

There is a breast center nurse available to answer your questions or help you schedule appointments if you need a biopsy or further testing.


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