Pain Management Success Stories
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These are the true stories of people who have had their pain alleviated by the specialists at the DMC Sinai-Grace Pain Management Center.

Left Hip Pain

C.H. is an 85-year-old who enjoys bowling. He came to the clinic because of left hip pain that made walking and rising from a chair difficult, not to mention prevented him from enjoying the sport he loved. After two sacroiliac joint injections at the DMC Sinai-Grace Pain Management Center, is is bowling again, walking normally, and feeling "like a million bucks!"

Left Leg and Low Back Pain

J.D. is a 46-year-old who was seen in the clinic for left leg and low back pain that had been getting progressively worse for months. He had been to the emergency department on at least two different occasions for severe pain just prior to coming to the clinic. He had one lumbar epidural steroid injection and his pain was completely resolved.

Back, Foot and Leg Pain

B.D. is a 61-year-old who was seen for a long history of pain in her low back, left foot, calf, thigh and hip. When she came to the clinic, she was walking with a cane and unable to sleep because of her pain. After treatment, she now no longer walks with a cane and was given a non-addicting, non-narcotic medication which both helped her pain and helped her sleep well at night.