Tammy Lesperance-Lamb
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Growing up in a competitive family of 12 children, Tammy Lesperance-Lamb, of St. Johns, MI, was active. But when arthritis flared up in her 30s, she ran out of options.

“I had the knees of an 80 year old, one doctor told me,” she says. “I was on maximum doses of pain killers. I had tried cortisone injections and I’d had two scopes. I could barely even go grocery shopping without being in absolute pain.”

Although other surgeons wouldn’t do a knee replacement because of Lesperance-Lamb’s young age and her extra weight, Robert Ference, M.D., agreed to.

Now Lesperance-Lamb has lost 60 pounds. “I walk three miles and can bike eight miles and have no pain,” she says. “It has changed my life completely. Dr. Ference gave me a light at the end of the tunnel where no one else had.”

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