Micheala Brown
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Micheala Brown’s life changed dramatically on August 28, 2000, when she was in a car accident that broke both her legs and one hip.

Brown, of Detroit, says she had a hip replacement right away and was in a wheelchair for eight months. She then had six or seven surgeries: “I can’t even remember the number of surgeries I’ve had,” she says.

But the pain in her right knee was still severe and she was on high doses of pain medication. “I was limited in how much I could walk and gained weight because I was so inactive.”

Other doctors refused to do a knee replacement because Brown, 28 at the time, was so young. Jiab Suleiman, D.O., first performed a scope on her knee in 2009, then a knee replacement in 2010. The procedure was especially difficult because of the pins and screws in Brown’s knee from previous procedures.

“The pain is tremendously relieved,” Brown says. “I am now able to exercise and take walks like a normal person.”


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