Linnon Hibler
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For 15 years Linnon Hibler, of Bay City, MI, suffered with a deformed tibia, or lower leg bone, the result of an accidental gunshot wound. “I had several casts put on the leg, but because I didn’t have insurance I took the cast off myself,” he recalls.  “The leg wasn’t strong enough, so when I put pressure on it, it healed bent and was two and a half inches shorter than the other leg.”

Years later, Hibler had a hard time finding a surgeon who would take on his case. Orthopaedic surgeon Daniel Hoard, M.D., agreed to perform the surgery and he surgically “rebroke” Hibler’s leg. Dr. Hoard then implanted a fixator – a metal frame screwed into Hibler’s leg.

“It felt odd and looked odd,” Hibler admits, but the device didn’t hurt. For several months, Hibler turned knobs on the fixator every day to lengthen and straighten his leg. He wore the fixator for seven months until the bone was completely healed and now is back to work as a cook with a straighter, stronger leg.


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