Kevin McCormick
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Kevin McCormick,  of Waterford, MI, doesn’t remember quite what made him fall. But he does remember enough to tell the story of his badly broken wrist and the care he received at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital.

McCormick had been a mason since age 12, doing brick, block and stone work. “This was the first time I ever had an accident at work,” he recalls.

He was climbing scaffolding on an older home he was restoring. “I fell 15 feet, I put my hand out, and I landed on concrete. I could see the bone sticking up and my wrist completely folded over. I could see the blood pouring out.”

The pain was excruciating, as McCormick’s wrist was completely broken in two places and his elbow was dislocated and chipped. He was immediately taken to Sinai- Grace’s ER.

“They referred me to Dr. (Jiab) Suleiman, who is an excellent surgeon,” says McCormick. “He’s very talented. It was such a bad break, and now it’s perfectly straight. He’s always there when I call, and he’s personally called me a couple of times, which I really like.”


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