Hip Replacement
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DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital orthopedic surgeon Robert Ference, MD, was one of the first in Michigan to be trained in minimally invasive hip replacement and resurfacing, a procedure that brings many benefits to patient.

“Because of the new angle of the surgery, we can spread the muscles to access the hip from the front of the body. Unlike previous surgeries which cut muscles, no muscles are detached from the pelvis or femur or damaged,” explains Dr. Ference.

“As a result, recovery times are much faster, with patients leaving the hospital in one or two days. They are able to return to normal activities almost immediately, since the new hip prosthesis is stabilized by healthy, uncut muscles.”

Blood loss and pain are also significantly reduced. The anterior minimally invasive technique can be used on patients who have experienced hip fracture or previous hip surgery, as well as those who have not.

Dr. Ference trained with Joel Matta, MD, of Los Angeles who developed the anterior approach for minimally invasive hip surgery.

Click here to view a video about anterior hip replacement.

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