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Healthy Living is a community newsletter published by Sinai-Grace four times a year. Each issue is packed with information to help our community live a healthier life and promotes our physicians and services. 

Spring 2013 - Feature Articles: Cancer, Back Pain, Erectile Dysfunction, Stroke, PAD, Infertility, Umbilical Cord Blood Donation, Early Literacy Initiative, Hysterectomies, Weight Management

Fall 2012 - Feature Articles: Mammograms, Colonoscopy, Menopause, Cold or Flu, Stroke, Bunions. Cardio Team One

Spring 2012 - Feature Articles: Cardio Team One, Orthopaedic care, Kidney Health, Hernia relief

Winter 2012 - Feature Articles: Comprehensive Cancer Care, Heart Failure, Orthopaedic, Bioengineered Skin, Health Tips

Spring 2011 - Feature Articles: Hysterectomy, Knee Replacement, Stroke Prevention, Non-Surgical Procedures

Winter 2010 - Feature Articles: Annual Exams, Heart Attack Symptoms, Good Foot Care

Fall 2009 - Feature Articles: Women's Health, Flu Shots

Winter 2009 - Feature Articles: Wound Care Treatment, Aching Joints, Heart Rhythm

Summer 2009 - Feature Articles: Orthopedic, Check-ups and Screenings, Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes

Fall 2008 - Feature Articles: Stroke, Heartburn, Cancer, Vascular Disease

Summer 2008 - Feature Articles: Urinary Incontinence, Blood Clot Prevention, Heart Attack or Heartburn

Spring 2008 - Feature Articles: Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Stroke Care, Orthopedic Innovations, Health Tips for Women, Laser Hair Removal, Breast Implants, Service Excellence

Winter 2008 - Feature Articles: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA), Colon Cancer, Facial Fillers, Kidney Disease

Fall 2007 - Feature Articles: Nasal Allergies, Permanent Birth Control, Stroke Care

Summer 2007 - Feature Articles: New Hip Replacement Surgery, Electronic Medical Records, Chronic Pain, Cardiology Improvements, Laser Therapy

Spring 2007 - Feature Articles: Cancer Screenings, Leg Pain, Laser Hair Removal, Liposculpture

Winter 2007 - Feature Articles: Cardiac Cath, Breast Cancer, Cosmetic Surgery

Summer 2006 - Feature Articles: Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Laproscopic Surgery, Functional Recovery Program

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