Low Vision Services
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Anyone whose vision is not considered “normal,” or whose vision interferes with their ability to perform visual tasks related to daily living, hobbies, reading and other activities that make life enjoyable, is a candidate for vision rehabilitation services. These services are provided in addition to any medical or surgical treatments being rendered to the patient.

Vision rehabilitation services include a functional vision assessment. A functional vision assessment measures how well a person uses vision to perform routine tasks in different places and with different materials throughout the day. The functional vision assessment paints a picture of how a person uses vision, what visual skills the person needs to further develop, and their visual function/skills.

Some major elements measured in the exam include:

  • Visual acuity (at near and distance)
  • Usable visual field
  • Ability to localize objects
  • Color vision
  • Fixation
  • Tracking and scanning

Once all the information is acquired in the exam, optical and non-optical treatments will be discussed and demonstrated.

Optical options may include glasses, high-powered glasses, magnifiers, telescopes and television magnification.

Non-optical options may include use of illumination, eccentric viewing, scanning and tracking techniques and home marking techniques.

After the evaluation, an individualized plan is formulated for the patient to address his or her visual goals, maximize visual function, to ensure he or she can maintain independence, and ensure he or she can successfully perform activities that are enjoyable.

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