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DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital is proud to recognize employees who go the extra mile. Employees, volunteers, physicians, patients, visitors and patient family members are encouraged to nominate any outstanding employee. Nomination forms are located in the hospital’s Human Resources Center, Patient Relations office and online.

Hidden Hero Award & Clinical Champion Award
$500 award. Up to 10 awards given each year for each category. 

  • Nominee consistently models behavior of a customer service champion for coworkers to follow.
  • Nominee has been acknowledged by management, senior leadership, patients or customers within or outside their department.
  • Nominee serves as resource for knowledge and inspires or motivates colleagues on the appropriate use of equipment or proper procedures which promotes a safer environment for staff and patients.
  • Nominee is involved in, or solely responsible for, a significant act of heroism, sacrifice or selflessness – on or off campus.
  • Nominee volunteers a substantial amount of time, on an on-going basis, outside his/her department which positively impacts the hospital and its community.
  • Nominee was specifically named on a customer satisfaction survey or received a letter from a patient or their family stating exceptional service or treatment.
  • Nominee, upon quarterly review of documentation processes, is commended for documenting records based on his/her job duties consistently and impeccably. Examples: clinical or advisory staff improvements to EMR, department tracking mechanisms, work flow sheets, daily activity logs, work orders, etc.

All award recipients must abide by the following DMC Customer Service Standards:

  • Respect – I will respect and protect the dignity of each person. I will convey kindness and compassion. I will assist customers to maintain a sense of control and feel valued.
  • Courtesy – I will treat customers with courtesy at all times.
  • Ownership – I will take pride in my work environment. I will recognize every customer as my responsibility at all times.
  • Privacy – I will ensure customers’ right to privacy and modesty. I will maintain a secure and trusting environment.
  • Professionalism – I will maintain professional behavior and dress to build customer confidence.
  • Responsiveness – I will put the needs of my customers first. I will provide service in a prompt, timely manner.

Employee Recognition Award Nomination Form