What to Expect in the Emergency Department
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Here is information to patients, friends and families understand what to expect at the Sinai-Grace emergency department, including:

When You Get Here

When you arrive at the Emergency Department (ED), a member of the ED Triage Team will greet you. A registered nurse (RN) will assess your status and assign you to the correct area of the ED. This process ensures that those persons who are the most ill or most severely injured can be treated first. This is why you may observe some patients who arrived after you, being seen and treated ahead of you. The staff will monitor your status even if you are not seen right away.

Our registration staff will ask you to provide information about your name, date of birth, personal doctor, employer and insurance coverage. The staff must confirm your information with each visit to be sure it is stored under the right person and is current. All of the information you provide is protected under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Starting Your Treatment

You will see many health care team members in the ED: physicians, residents, nurses and techs. They will take your vital signs, ask many questions, take you to testing areas and keep each other informed about your status.

A doctor will see you as soon as he or she is able to do so. The doctor may have many patients to see and some may be sicker than others. The health care team will observe your status. We will keep the doctor informed of any changes that may need instant attention.

After Testing

Once we have all of the results from your testing, our emergency physicians will review these results and inform you and your family of the diagnosis and/or treatment plan. At this point, discharge, admission or transfer is determined.

Going Home

When the doctor decides that you can be discharged, please wait for a nurse to give you your discharge instructions.

These may include:

  • How to manage your symptoms at home.
  • What to expect as you recover.
  • When to see your doctor for follow-up care which is very important to maintain your health.
  • Prescriptions if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my family member come back with me after triage?

Not right away. To allow our staff complete access to you, we ask that all visitors wait until the primary work-up is done.

Can I have something to eat?

Not right away. Based on what you came in for, you may be asked not to eat until all your tests are done.

Will I be seen faster if I come to the ED by ambulance?

No matter how patients arrive, all patients are first triaged and then taken to the correct treatment team.

If I'm admitted to the hospital, how long will I have to wait for my bed?

Many patients need special kinds of beds on different floors based on the level of care needed. Availability of the right kind of bed and how sick you are, will impact how fast you get a bed. We will make you as comfortable as possible while you wait.

 Can my family call and check on me?

Yes, but only some basic information can be given out by phone, due to the HIPAA privacy laws.

Are there visiting hours in the ED?

Your family and friends can visit you 24 hours a day while you are in the ED. The only time they will be asked to leave is between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning and night for shift change. Visiting hours may also be limited during extreme emergencies for safety reasons, as well as during staffing changes, depending on patient volume levels.

Staying Informed

A patient representative is available for our patients and their families. He or she will assist visitors with entry into the ED and try to keep visitors informed of patients' progress. Please limit visitors to one per patient at a time. There are several public phones on the walls of the unit, as well as one portable phone which can be brought to you in your bed. Ask your staff for help to locate these phones.

For more information about DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital’s emergency department, please call 313-966-1090. For Express Care, call 313-966-1550.