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In 2004, Eddie Perkins of Detroit had a heart attack, but didn’t even know it.  He noticed that he couldn’t climb stairs without stopping to catch his breath.

“My energy level left me. I started to take vitamins, but they didn’t seem to work for me. I went to see my doctor. He sent me to the lab for an EKG. My doctor looked at my EKG and said, ‘You’ve already had a heart attack.’ I asked him if he was looking at the right chart. He said, ‘There’s nobody here but me and you,’” Perkins recalls.

During a hospital stay at Sinai- Grace, further testing determined he had a leaking heart valve.  During open-heart surgery, a new valve was implanted and Perkins’ artery was bypassed. A few months later, Perkins began working out at the Rehabilitation Center.

Now, at age 65, he can run up stairs that winded him a few years earlier.      

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