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Ron Chubb, 63, of Trenton, was with friends headed to Port Huron when he started having chest pains. “I got real sweaty, turned real white and felt terrible,” he recalls.

After initial treatment at a Port Huron hospital for a heart attack, he was transported to the DMC, where his wife, Linda, works as a nurse. Through diagnostic testing, it was determined that Ron needed a cardiac catheterization, which was performed by cardiologist James Glazier, M.D., at Sinai-Grace.

“When I arrived at Sinai-Grace everybody, I have to tell you, everybody was fantastic.”

Ron recovered quickly with medical management and hasn’t had any heart symptoms in the past 18 months. He did, however, return to Sinai-Grace for a minimally invasive knee replacement by Robert Ference, M.D., in September 2007. In just over four weeks after that surgery he was back at work doing home remodeling.     

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