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Lynne Kipke, 53, of Harrison Township, is a bit of an expert on cardiac catheterizations. But she’s not a physician; she’s a library technician at DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan.

Unfortunately, Kipke’s experience comes as a patient who has had four of these minimally invasive heart procedures since 2002. Kipke’s latest cardiac cath was at Sinai-Grace this spring and she spent one night in the hospital.

Her first three were at another hospital. So she’s also something of an authority on quality of patient care.

“The nurses and technicians at Sinai-Grace were all very, very professional and respectful, with the right amount of friendliness and personal attention,” Kipke says. “I felt very comfortable and that I was in good hands.”

Kipke’s cardiologist is James Glazier, M.D. He regularly treats DMC staff, and physicians and their family at the hospital.

“Sinai-Grace has a very customerfriendly team, especially in the cath lab, and they go the extra mile for patients,” Dr. Glazier says.

In addition, he says, the hospital features advanced equipment in its cath lab and open-heart surgery capability in case it is needed.

Syed Mahmood, M.D., is a nationally known expert in complex angioplasty and can consult on difficult cases. In addition to being personable, the hospital’s cardiology team is extremely experienced. But how did they get so experienced?

“The patients we treat at Sinai- Grace come to us much sicker than the average patient at other hospitals across the country,” says Mukarram Siddiqui, M.D., chief of cardiology. “Our patients often have multiple illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic heart failure and kidney failure, that when combined make treating cardiovascular problems especially challenging. In fact, our patients have almost four times the rate of kidney failure as those other hospitals and about 25 percent more incidence of diabetes.

“The good news is that dealing with these very complex types of cases gives our entire staff tremendous experience that translates into great care for all our patients.”    

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