Geraldine Dotson
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Breast reconstruction was a concern right from the start for Geraldine Dotson, 59, of Detroit.

When she was diagnosed with two forms of breast cancer in February 2009, Dotson learned she had to have one breast removed. So she met with Bruce Chau, D.O., a board-certified plastic surgeon, before her surgery.

“Dr. Chau showed me some instructional slides and what I would look like after the reconstruction surgery,” she recalls. “He was encouraging and very caring.”

Dr. Chau was in the operating room with Susan Seman, D.O, a board-certified general surgeon, when she performed Dotson’s mastectomy. He immediately implanted an inflatable saline tissue expander under Dotson’s skin to replace the lost breast tissue and skin.

Dotson also did not need chemotherapy and is now recovering well.

Dotson echoes an important message: “I pray that women will open their eyes. They are losing their lives to breast cancer just because fear is stopping them from getting their mammograms. “When you hear the word cancer you can become afraid. But if you have experienced experts guiding you, it makes the journey much easier.”   

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