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  • DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital named 2012 Top Hospital by the Leapfrog Group
  • DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital recognized for incredible throughput turnaround
  • DMC named among best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report
  • Sinai-Grace honored as among the safest hospitals in the nation
  • Sinai-Grace President named among top physican leaders nationally
  • Detroit Medical Center Named MOST WIRED hospital for Sixth Consecutive Year
  • Sinai-Grace recognized for decreasing ER length of stay
  • DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital named 2012 Top Hospital by the Leapfrog Group

    DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital is among three Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Hospitals to receive the Leapfrog Group's Top Hospital designation for 2012. Leapfrog Top Hospital is one of the most coveted and exclusive hospital quality awards in the nation. DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital and DMC Harper University/Hutzel Women's Hospital also received the honor.

    The Leapfrog Group is the nation's premier quality ranking agency, acting on behalf of many of the nation's Fortune 500 companies which seek to improve hospital quality, in order to realize efficiencies in health care costs and to provide the highest quality of care for the millions of people in their employ.

    The rankings are based on responses to the 2012 Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Ranking hospitals had to meet stringent Leapfrog standards in the key areas of Preventing Medication Errors, ICU Physician Staffing, high-risk surgeries and procedures, achieve an Over all Value Score of 69 or more and receive an "A" grade in the Hospital Safety Score.

    Four DMC Hospitals, including the three earning the 2012 Top Hospital designation, earned an "A" grade in both Leapfrog safety assessments for 2012. The most recent grades were released last week.

    "This latest achievement demonstrates why DMC was chosen to become one of only 32 National Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)," said DMC President Joe Mullany. "The whole purpose of this emerging concept in health care is to treat patients at the highest standard of care the first time, so they are not repeatedly returning to the hospital.

    It takes standards like those measured by Leapfrog to create that kind of patient safety and wellness. We are proud to have hospitals rank nationally for these high standards of care."

    DMC Harper-Hutzel Hospital President Thomas Malone, M.D., is encouraged by this Leapfrog designation. "We've felt for some time that our approach to quality of care for each patient at Harper and Hutzel was world class," Malone said. "As an already established Center of Excellence, this added designation from the Leapfrog Group affirms that our multidisciplinary model of care continuously provides outstanding clinical outcomes. "We are truly proud of this accomplishment."

    DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital president Reginald Eadie, M.D., responded similarly. "Everyone at Sinai-Grace strives daily to provide optimum service in their individual roles and responsibilities and as a team, to give our patients the best care possible. To be listed as a Leapfrog Top Hospital is an awesome recognition of the hard work and commitment our people give."

    At DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital, president Iris Taylor, Ph.D., spoke about the hospital's critical role in the region. "Detroit Receiving is Michigan's leader in emergency medicine, a Center of Excellence for disaster preparedness and a provider of expert care is several specialties. We have made it our responsibility to attain and surpass the highest standards in the care we give. To receive the 2012 Leapfrog Top Hospital ranking is further confirmation that we remain on track."

    "Our patients' safety and the quality of care they receive has always been the DMC's chief mission" said Suzanne White, M.D., M.B.A., and DMC Chief Medical Officer. "Every opportunity we have to apply new research and best practices, such as our Safety for Life protocol, helps us rise even higher and attracts recognition such as that awarded us today by the Leapfrog Group."

    Each performance area measured by very specific variables designed to curb the number of medication errors that occur annually in the U.S.

    The standard for preventing Medication Errors requires that physicians enter at least 75% of medication orders through a Computerized Physician Order Entry system (CPOE) and that the system can adequately alert physicians when common prescribing errors occur.

    ICU Physician Staffing standards require that a hospital's Intensive Care Units are managed or co-managed by board certified intensivists who are on-site, or within reach by telemedicine, or returned page within five minutes, and who can arrange that a certified physician or physician extender reach the ICU patient within five minutes.

    A hospital must fully meet Leapfrog's standards for volume, processes of care, and outcomes for high-risk surgeries and procedures (heart bypass, heart angioplasty, aortic valve replacement, abdominal aortic aneurism repair, bariatric surgery, esophogectomy, pancreatectomy, and high-risk newborn deliveries).

    In addition, hospitals must achieve a value school of 69 or more, out of 100 possible. The value score is a combination rating of quality and use of resources.

    Top Hospitals will be recognized at a reception and awards ceremony Dec. 4th in Baltimore, M.D.

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    DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital recognized for incredible throughput turnaround

    Detroit Medical Center CEO Mike Duggan paid a visit to DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital Aug. 28 to congratulate the hospital and its Emergency Department team on a remarkable improvement in throughput.

    Many initiatives have been implemented in recent months at the hospital with the goal of dramatically shortening the time between a patient's admission from the ED and being transferred to a unit. The hospital has seen staggering results from the hard work of its employees - in January, only 37.7 percent of patients were in a bed within two hours of being admitted from the ED. By June, the hospital staff had brought that number to a remarkable 86.7 percent. The corporate target is 75 percent.

    "Sinai-Grace is known in the Detroit community for its emergency room service, and the phenomenal improvement in throughput is being talked about throughout the community and throughout the Vanguard system," Duggan said. "I just wanted to come out today and thank the employees who did it. To go from very few people making it from the emergency room to the floor in under two hours to almost 85 percent is just a remarkable accomplishment. The entire hospital is working together, and that's a good thing."

    The measures implemented at Sinai-Grace have increased the quality of patient care, created a better sense of collaboration within units and between departments, and allowed for greater efficiency and accountability for the entire process and all involved.

    "I've been down in the ED for 12 years now, and back then we had patients all along the walls and stacked on top of each other, and now - something I never thought I'd see - they're going through within two hours, which is an amazing feat," said RN Stacy Swasey.

    Creating this kind of dramatic improvement was far from an easy process, and it wasn't just up to the ED. It required a change in the culture and attitude throughout the entire hospital.

    "I think it has had a lot to do with getting the staff engaged - teamwork and cooperation from the floors," said Denita Johnson, ED manager.

    "We've all come together because we care," said Helen Bixler, quality improvement specialist in the ED. "We care about our jobs and we care about our patients and we're trying to help people. We are meeting daily and looking at numbers to try and figure out if it's not working, what we need to do to get things working."

    Instituting the daily huddles was a big part of the initiative's success.

    "I think because the hospital leadership took ownership of it and it wasn't just an ED issue - all the leadership in the hospital comes together daily to solve the problem and we could never have done it if people weren't willing to do that," said Mike Banish, ED nurse educator.

    Victor Bell, process improvement specialist at Sinai-Grace, said the participation and dedication from the ancillary support teams was critical to the initiative's success.

    "They really served as the glue to solidify us in knowing that everyone was involved," he said. "To have that frontline support - they're dedicated, they embraced it and they were a part of it all along the way. The team was very willing to try new things - we talked about it, we revamped, we regrouped, we modified and we tried something else. The result is that you're seeing this sustaining, which is the most difficult thing to do."

    Terese Cracchiolo, radiology administrator, couldn't agree more, as her team made effective changes that carried over to the ED, and they're celebrating the results.

    "We increased our communication with the ED, we found areas where we could help them with throughput - how important it is to get X-rays done and the CAT scans done to make a diagnosis, and we came up with processes to make it flow more quickly. We were able to work it out efficiently and come up with a better process. It's been a huge advantage to be involved, I feel like we're a wonderful team now and that when there's any issues, it's so easy to communicate and you don't have to worry about stepping on any toes." Seeing their hard work pay off and receiving praise for the effort has been a thrill for those involved.

    "It's very exciting for all of us to finally be recognized," said Stacey Clark, director of the ED. "We all know that great things happen down there in the ED and we try to do the best we can every day and give 110 percent. But for others to see it and recognize it, it makes everybody feel good."

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    DMC named among best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report

    The Detroit Medical Center is again taking high honors for nationally and regionally ranked hospitals in the U.S. News & World Report's2012-13 Best Hospitals rankings. The 23rd annual edition showcases more than 720 of the nation's roughly 5,000 hospitals.

    The U.S.News & World Reporthospital rankings, widely regarded as a standard of excellence in patient care, listed national and regional rankings in multiple specialties for four DMC hospitals: DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital, and its sister hospitals, DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital, DMC Harper University Hospital and DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital.

    "We are proud to be recognized again by U.S. News & World Report," said Michael Duggan, CEO, Detroit Medical Center. Their rankings are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our physicians and clinical staff and exemplifies the depth of quality and specialty care delivered every day at Detroit Medical Center."

    DMC Sinai-Grace ranked #9 overall in the Detroit Metro area and #11 in southeastern Michigan. Sinai-Grace is listed with nine high-performing specialties:

    All hospitals combined, the DMC has received high rankings in 20 different specialties from U.S. News & World Report.

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    Sinai-Grace honored as among the safest hospitals in the nation

    DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital recently earned an "A" Hospital Safety Score from The Leapfrog Group, recognizing the hospital for being among the safest in the nation.

    The Leapfrog Group is an independent national non-profit organization run by employers and other large purchasers of health benefits. Scores for hospitals across the nation were calculated with assistance from the Hospital Safety Score as well as The Leapfrog Group's Blue Ribbon Expert Panel. Scores were creted using publicly available data on patient injuries, medical and medication errors, and infections. U.S. hospitals were assigned an A, B, C, D or F for their safety.

    For more information about Hospital Safety Scores, visit

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    Sinai-Grace President named among top physican leaders nationally

    Reginald Eadie, MD, President of DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital, was recently named among the top 100 Physician Leaders of Hospitals and Health Systems by Becker's Hospital Review.

    The leaders were selected based on criteria including healthcare experience, award recognition and a commitment to quality care, and were vetted by a group of industry experts. Becker'sis a national executive-level healthcare business magazine.

    Additionally, Dr. Eadie was recently honored by the Unify Detroit Coalition with the Imhotep Award of Excellence, the highest recognition given by the organization to outstanding professionals and community members who strive to make a powerful, positive impact within the community. The award is named after the great Egyptian physician, Imhotep, who is recognized as the world's first physician, circa 2650-2600 BC.

    Dr. Eadie joined three other DMC executives in receiving the award: Herman B. Gray, MD, president of DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan, Conrad L. Mallett, Jr., executive vice president and chief administration officer of the DMC, and Iris A. Talor, PhD, RN, president of DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital.

    Dr. Eadie was named president of Sinai-Grace in January, after serving as president of DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital for nearly two years prior, where he oversaw tremendous growth in patient care and excellence as well as structural improvements. Prior to that, he served as vice president of medical affairs at DMC Harper University/Hutzel Women's Hospital, and was the emergency department chief at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center in Detroit following the completion of his residency at Detroit Receiving Hospital in 1998. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

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    Detroit Medical Center Named MOST WIRED hospital for Sixth Consecutive Year

    The Detroit Medical Center(DMC) has again been recognized as one of the nation's "Most Wired" hospitals, according to the results of the 2012 "Most Wired" Survey and Benchmarking Study released in the July issue of Hospitals & Health Networksmagazine. The survey awarded hospitals nationwide, and of the 15 Michigan hospitals awarded, DMC was one of the three that are Detroit-based.

    "Our effective use of technology is improving patient care every day at the Detroit Medical Center," said Mike LeRoy, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Detroit Medical Center. We are very proud to have won this award for the sixth consecutive year."

    DMC began its transformation to electronic medical record (EMR) back in 2006 and by October 2007, EMR was fully implemented throughout all DMC hospitals. In May of 2011, DMC was among one of the first in the region to apply for government incentive funding for meaningful use of its electronic medical record.

    Among the key findings this year:

    • Ninety-three percent of Most Wired hospitals employ intrusion detection systems to protect patient privacy and security of patient data, in comparison to seventy-seven percent of the total responders.
    • Ninety percent of Most Wired hospitals use performance improvement scorecards to help reduce inefficiencies.
    • One hundred percent of Most Wired hospitals check drug interactions and drug allergies when medications are ordered as a major step in reducing medication errors.

    "As shown by these survey results, hospitals continue to demonstrate how IT not only can be used to improve patient care and safety but it is also a means to improve efficiency," says Rich Umbdenstock, president and CEO of the American Hospital Association.

    Health Care's Most Wired Survey, conducted between Jan. 15 and March 15, asked hospitals and health systems nationwide to answer questions regarding their IT initiatives. Respondents completed 662 surveys, representing 1,570 hospitals, or roughly 27 percent of all U.S. hospitals.

    The July H&HNcover story detailing results is available at

    DMC's website offers additional information about DMC's dedication to excellence in Information Technology.

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    Sinai-Grace recognized for decreasing ER length of stay

    DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital has been recognized by the Greater Detroit Area Health Council for improving care in its emergency department.

    Sinai-Grace decreased average length of stay by nearly one hour over a six-month period.

    "Southeast Michigan is in the forefront of improving health care nationwide, and we are delighted to have (Sinai-Grace) join us," said Lisa Mason, the Greater Detroit Area Health Council's vice president of cost quality. "(This shows) that real progress can be made in our community when you combine a culture of change with teamwork and a willingness to share."

    Greater Detroit Area Health Council is a multi-stakeholder organization that includes hospitals, physicians and large businesses. The council discusses and issues reports on health care quality, access and costs in Southeast Michigan.

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