How to Purchase Hearing Aids
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Should you buy hearing aids online, through mail order or directly from an Audiologist?

Personalized communication with the audiologist who fits and adjusts the hearing aid is a very important part of becoming a successful hearing aid user. This face-to-face communication is often not available if hearing aids are purchased online or by mail. Beware of "discounted" mail order or online hearing aid sales.

Purchasing hearing aids online or through the mail often excludes the important diagnostic audiologic evaluation, hearing aid orientation and adjustment, and counseling and rehabilitation services. These services help ensure quality care and full benefit from the use of a hearing aid and provide appropriate referral if medical treatment is needed.

Hearing aids vary in price according to selected style, electronic features, and related needs for professional consultation and rehabilitation services. A rule of thumb is that the cost of hearing aids increase with more complex and sophisticated circuitry and smaller size. Purchase price, an important factor, should be only one consideration in buying hearing aids. Product reliability can lower repair costs, as well as prevent the frustration of a malfunctioning hearing aid. The cost of a particular type of battery used by the hearing aid and the life of the battery can also influence the overall cost of owning and maintaining a hearing aid.

Each person's hearing loss and listening situations are unique. Your audiologist's expertise about product quality, as well as the monitoring and follow-up services that you will need are important considerations in your purchase decision.

Source: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

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