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Hearing disorders are common. They can be related to birth complications, infections, being exposed to loud noise, medications, heredity and the aging process.  As people get older, their hearing declines. It is part of the aging process. 

Sinai-Grace audiology offers comprehensive hearing testing using the latest diagnostic tools to identify many types of hearing loss. We provide a full range of treatment options including:

  • Hearing aids
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Tinnitus maskers
  • Custom earplugs

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of hearing health care and will work with you to maximize your hearing and minimize the impact that hearing loss has on your life. We are the only adult hearing aid dispensing program in the DMC system.

Our audiologists are licensed by the State of Michigan and certified by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association.

Sinai-Grace hearing services

The Sinai-Grace Audiology staff provides:

  • Diagnostic hearing tests, including adult and pediatric testing
  • Newborn hearing screenings
    • Newborn hearing screenings are mandated in the State of Michigan. State screening standards
  • Hearing aid selection, fitting and programming
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
  • Electronystagmography (ENG)

What to expect at your first appointment

A hearing test is used to confirm or rule out a hearing problem and is the first step to finding a solution for problems related to hearing loss.

During your evaluation, your audiologist will do the following:

  • case history
  • audiogram
  • speech recognition testing
  • tympanogram

Once testing is completed, the audiologist will explain the results to you and make recommendations for a treatment plan if needed. If you have a medical problem with your ears, you will be referred back to your doctor. If you need hearing aids, you will be advised as to what sort of hearing aid is best for you.

Same-day results

You will get your results and a treatment plan the day of your test.

Hearing aid assessment and selection

Sinai-Grace audiology can help you select the hearing aid style and features to fit your lifestyle and budget. We offer a variety of style, including:

  • behind-the-ear
  • receiver-in-the-canal
  • custom in-the-ear
  • custom completely-in-the-canal hearing aid

All of these are designed to maximize your hearing. We provide the latest hearing aid technology and use a wide range of hearing aid manufacturers.

All hearing aids come with a 30-day trial period.


DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital 
Audiology Services
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Detroit, Michigan 48235
Phone:  313- 966-4725
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am - 4 pm 

For more information about DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital’s audiology and hearing services or to make an appointment, call 313-966-4725.