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Sinai-Grace Hospital Advanced Wound Care Center helps patients who suffer from wounds that will not heal. While most wounds heal quickly, there are specific types of wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation, limited mobility and trauma that, if left untreated, could result in severe problems.

The Sinai-Grace Hospital Advanced Wound Care Center promotes healing of complicated wounds through a personalized, outpatient treatment program. In partnership with your primary care doctor, our wound care experts will treat your wound and teach you how to prevent future wounds.

What can I expect from the first visit?
The first appointment will include an in-depth exam of your wound(s), results of any tests you recently had related to the wound, and development of your special plan of care. Your regular visits to the Wound Care Center will include measurements and exams to ensure proper healing and individualized treatment.

How will I be involved in my care?
Our patients and their caregivers are always included in the plan of care. You will be instructed on how to assist with the healing process, change dressings and modify diet and lifestyle. You will learn how to monitor your progress between visits and when to contact us if you think you have a problem starting.

How many times will I have to visit?
Each case has a specific plan of care, but we generally like to see patients once a week during the healing process, depending on the wound(s).

How do I get started?
You may call the Advanced Wound Care Center directly or be referred by your doctor. To make an appointment, call (313) 966-8050.