New Subcutaneous Implantable Defibrillator Now at DMC Sinai-Grace
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Implanted Defibrillator


Dr. Mukarram Siddiqui, Chief of Cardiology and Medical Director of Electrophysiology at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital, implanted a totally subcutaneous defibrillator that uses signals to monitor the patient's heart for abnormal rhythms and prevents sudden cardiac death. It is a new option for patients who are at high risk for heart failure and who have no venous access for traditional cardiac defibrillators such as patients with diabetes. While defibrillators with wires fed through veins and attached to the heart wall have been in use for many years, the new ICD does not go into the heart or veins, which minimizes risk of vascular injury and complications associated with failure of the intra vascular leads. Instead, an electrode is implanted just under the skin near the breastbone and connected to a pulse generator device that is also implanted under the skin over the left rib cage. It is a permanent implantation. The system delivers treatment within 15-20 seconds of onset of sudden cardiac arrest, to reset the heart to normal rhythm.