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At DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital,

It is our privilege to serve you.

That’s why we practice Patient & Family-Centered Care.


The philosophy of the Patient & Family-Centered Care program is a new, innovative approach that is based on partnerships among the healthcare professionals, patients and families to ensure the best possible outcome. Healthcare providers recognize the vital role families play in ensuring the health and wellbeing among all family members. Doctors, nurses and other members of the patient's team recognize that emotional, social and developmental support are important components of heathcare. They want to protect the dignity of the families and share control with them through communication and collaboration.

Each patient will receive a Patient & Family-Centered Care information packet and have the opportunity to select up to two Care Partners to participate in their care. A Care Partner is a family member, friend or volunteer who agrees to be the leader on behalf of the family, and who will be involved in decision-making and communications with the nurses and the physicians. A Care Partner is welcome to stay with the patient around the clock, if so desired, and be a link to the rest of the family for the medical team.

By taking advantage of the Care Partner process, families and loved ones can stay fully informed about what is happening and why. Care Partners can offer essential information that the medical team may not be able to get from the patient, which can help better treat the patient and provide further comfort. Sinai-Grace is committed to making each patient as comfortable as possible, and helping to ease the experience of the patient’s family along the way.

The Care Partner approach has many benefits:

  • Decreased patient/family anxiety
  • Accommodation for patient and family preferences
  • Improved outcomes
  • Improved communication among all team members

 To enroll in the program, patients can talk to their nurse.