Graduate Medical Education
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GME at Wayne State University and DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital

Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Detroit Medical Center have been active in physician training for the past 60 years, with long-standing reputations as premier centers for clinical training programs. The two institutions sponsor joint ACGME-accredited residencies and WSU offers training in virtually every medical specialty and subspecialty area.

Each year more than 900 physicians come from throughout the country and many parts of the world to Wayne State University's graduate medical education programs, making it one of the nation's largest providers of practicing physicians.

The Board of Trustees of the Detroit Medical Center and the Wayne State University Board of Governors, through their respective integrated teaching hospitals and academic institutions, are fully committed to the education of healthcare professionals and providers as part of each organization's core mission. This includes, but certainly is not limited to, allocation of substantial resources (financial, facilities, staff and materials) to support educational programs, including those in graduate medical education.