General Surgery
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DMC Sinai-Grace is equipped and staffed to perform a wide variety of general surgical procedures. With the assistance of the da Vinci Surgical System, surgeons can now operate using only 1-2 cm incisions, but with greater precision and control than ever before. da Vinci can help surgeons minimize the pain and risk associated with surgery while increasing the likelihood of a fast recovery and excellent clinical outcomes.

Using minimally invasive techniques with the assistance of the surperior dexterity and viewing capabilities of the da Vinci surgical system, surgeons perform complex procedures through 1-2 cm incisions offering many advantages over traditional surgery.

For the clinically appropriate patient, da Vinci general surgical procedures offer a number of potential benefits, including:

  • less post-operative pain
  • less risk of infection
  • less anesthesia
  • less blood loss
  • shorter hospital stay
  • faster and more complete recovery
  • quicker return to normal daily activities

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