Unit Descriptions
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Emergency Department
The ED at Sinai-Grace is one of the most unique in the United States. Our ED ranks in the top 10 trauma centers in Michigan. We offer a 29-minute guarantee which ensures a patient will be seen by a physician in less than 30 minutes. The physicians, residents and nurses use knowledge, experience, and confidence to manage the high patient volume while providing excellent care. The staff in the ED provide excellent customer service to a diverse cultural population. The ED at Sinai-Grace is the ideal setting to gain experience in trauma, acute care and triage. We offer new employees a positive work environment, education/attendance incentives, nurse autonomy, competitive pay rate and great team work.

Express Care 
Express Care provides quick treatment of minor emergencies such as sprains, cuts, ear aches, minor burns and dog bites. Express Care is staffed by dedicated emergency medicine specialists and skilled support personnel. It is a designated area within the Department of Emergency Medicine designed for high volume with rapid turn around time.

Hemodialysis is a 12-bed acute care inpatient unit. We have the ability of dialyzing adult patients in a wide range of acuity. We work with the ICU to perform SLEDD (Slow Extended Daily Dialysis), developed by Dr. Irfan Omar, Director of Nephrology. SLEDD is 8–10 slow dialysis treatments for patients who cannot tolerate conventional hemodialysis. Sinai-Grace is one of the busiest IP dialysis units in the country. Our nurse to patient ratio is 1:1 at the bedside and 1:2 for patients dialyzed in the unit. We have a machine technician and two renal care assistants to assist the nursing staff. Teamwork is our best attribute and most staff members joining our unit stay a long time.

Labor & Delivery/Postpartum
We welcome new graduates and give an extensive six to eight week floor orientation. Our unit has 14 LDRPs and 13 private postpartum rooms.We offer 12 hour shifts, self scheduling, team building workshops and a low turnover rate.

1 West - Inpatient Rehabilitation 
1 West specializes in inpatient rehabilitation. We have an on-site therapy team. We offer low nurse to patient ratios, flexible scheduling and low turnover. We are a multidisciplinary team that offers focused care with superior customer service.

2 West - Surgical Unit

2 West is a premier elective surgical unit. We specialize in orthopaedics and joint replacement surgeries. 2 West has been recently remodeled and offers luxury private rooms. We are customer service oriented and have a low nurse to patient ratio and offer flexible scheduling.

3 West - Telemetry Unit
3 West is a dynamic 41-bed progressive care telemetry unit specializing in cardiology services. Our physicians, residents, physician assistants and staff provide excellence in cardiac care. Our staff is customer service driven and provides care to a diverse population utilizing team methodology. We offer new employees diversity, a unique clinical experience and a positive work environment in addition to 12 hour shifts and self scheduling.

4 West - Medical/Surgical/Telemetry Unit
4 West is a 39-bed unit that provides excellence in medical, surgical and cardiac care to a diverse population. Our staff is customer service driven and team focused. We offer new employees a positive work environment, diversity and a dynamic educational experience along with self scheduling, 12 hour shifts and attendance bonuses.

5 East - Medical/Surgical Unit
5 East is a 38-bed unit specializing in the following conditions: endocrine, wound care, neurology and gerontology. We offer flexible, self scheduling. We provide customer service driven care in a caring and team oriented atmosphere.

6 East - Medical/Surgical/Gerontology/Oncology Unit
6 East is a 39-bed unit with a nurse to patient ratio of six to one. We offer 12-hour self scheduling shifts and contingent/weekend shifts every two weeks. We practice team nursing with the RNs, PCAs and Unit Clerks.

Ambulatory Surgery Center and Endoscopy Center
Located at the DMC Lahser Campus in Southfield, the surgery center has four operating rooms and one minor procedure room for YAG Laser Eye treatment. We are a multi-service outpatient surgery center performing gynecologic, ophtalmology, podiatric, ENT, cosmetic, general surgery and pediatric dental surgeries. The endoscopy suite, located on the second floor, has two procedure rooms and performs 50-75 colonoscopies and EGD's a week.