Concerned About Scarring?
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Some people avoid plastic surgery for fear they will develop unsightly scars. People with darker skin, including African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians, are often wary of surgery because of the tendency for the resulting scars to be more visible than on lighter skin.
    “A skilled surgeon will use appropriate surgical techniques and suturing techniques to minimize scars,” according to Dr. Chau. “In fact, plastic surgery began as a way to treat and reduce scarring from accidents. So a trained and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon is your best option for good surgical results.”
    In some situations, patients may develop more visible scars, called hypertrophic scars. These usually result when a surgical wound is closed too tightly, or from infections, trauma that reopens the wound, reaction to the suture material or blood accumulation.  
    In very unusual cases, patients who are genetically prone may develop a keloid, an extremely enlarged, raised scar. Dr. Chau notes that not all scars should be labeled as keloids. “Among people with darker skin  there is a fear of keloids. Fortunately keloids are a fairly infrequent occurrence.”