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Each year, DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital welcomes more than 2,000 babies into the world. Most of these births are normal and the baby and mother go home within a day or two. However, sometimes there are complications. DMC Sinai-Grace has the neonatology staff, facilities and equipment to provide excellent care for newborns with special needs and premature babies. Parents can be confident, knowing that the hospital has a neonatologist on staff 24 hours a day.

Neonatologists are physicians with special training in care of sick infants from birth through 28 days, although care in some cases may extend beyond that timeframe. A neonatologist is in attendance at all cesarean section births and problem vaginal deliveries to manage care of the infant.

If needed, a neonatologist may begin working with a pregnant woman before birth, consulting with the patient’s obstetrician to help plan a healthy birth.

For seriously ill infants or those who need surgery, DMC Sinai-Grace neonatologists work closely with experts at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan (CHM) and DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital. All surgical cases are referred to CHM.

At DMC Sinai-Grace, the 20-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) uses state-of-the-art equipment, including conventional and hi-frequency jet ventilators.

The nursing staff on the NICU is experienced and well trained, and patient satisfaction scores are consistently high for the unit.

Parents with infants in the NICU can spend the night in a special room at the hospital, which helps promote bonding between baby and parents.

DMC Sinai-Grace has gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of newborns in its care. The NICU, as well as the labor and delivery unit, is protected by a complete security system.  Each infant wears a bracelet that triggers an alarm if the baby is moved past a secure area. In addition, 24-hour closed circuit cameras monitor the units, which are also locked and monitored by staff.

Other services include:

While the hospital does not admit infants or children as inpatients for medical care after birth, the Emergency Department can treat them 24 hours a day. Patients needing further care or surgery will be transferred to DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Meet Our Specialists

Neonatologists on the medical staff at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital are:

Homer W. Ryan, M.D., Chief, Department of Neonatology
Keh-Chyang Liang, M.D.