Inpatient Rehabilitation Services
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Rehabilitation therapy is an integral part of the recovery process for most hospital patients. Therapists help a patient gain physical strength and the skills needed to return to normal activities.

After surgery or medical treatment, patients hospitalized in acute care nursing units may need inpatient therapy to help them function when they are discharged from the hospital.

Throughout the hospital, rehabilitation therapists visit patients with a variety of conditions and illnesses who may need help recovering. For example, physical therapists work to get orthopedic patients walking after surgery. Occupational therapists teach activities of daily living to patients whose physical limitations may make it difficult for them to cook, clean or take care of themselves. Speech and language pathologists help stroke patients recover the ability to speak.

A rehab consultation service provides assessment, monitoring and recommendations for discharge that addresses patients' needs. Following a referral by the patient's physician, specialists from the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation assess the patient's mobility, strength, communication and cognition. Evaluating potential impairments to daily living is essential in order for the patient to be discharged and returned home safely.

After this evaluation, a plan for follow-up care is developed. Recommended follow-up could include admission to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit or referral for outpatient care. The rehabilitation team works together with the patient and the patient's family to plan these next steps in the recovery process

Your doctor can refer you for a Rehabilitation Services consultation.

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