Visiting Clergy Procedures
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DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital welcomes and encourages visits from patients’ clergy. We recognize that the support provided by trusted faith leaders to those who are hospitalized is essential to the healing process.

To Members of the Clergy:

You bring a healing presence and a connection to the community of faith that sustains those who are ill through difficult times. We will do whatever we can to facilitate your ministry when you come to visit. However, we ask that you follow our established guidelines listed below.


Visiting clergy members are required to wear a Visiting Clergy ID badge every time they are in the hospital. You must also sign in at the front lobby each time you visit.

Procedure to obtain a badge and courtesy parking pass:

  1. Complete an Application Form.
  2. Return the application to the Spiritual Care Services office for authorization.
  3. Take your letter of receipt/authorization form to the Parking and Badging Office in Human Resources, located in the Lourdes Building.
  4. A picture ID badge will be furnished which will provide access to the DMC Sinai-Grace visitor parking lot. Your badge can be taken to MacLaughlin Hall (next door to DMC Harper Hospital) to be programmed for other DMC hospitals.
  5. To park, use the staff lane and swipe your badge through the card reader at the gate.

If your badge is not used for 60 to 90 days, access may be deleted automatically. Call the Parking and Badging Office at 313-966-4582 and ask to have it reprogrammed. You will be notified of any need for renewal of the badge.

Visiting Procedures

Please learn the visitation guidelines for each hospital unit. These have been developed to protect our patients from infection and stress and to ensure a restful, healing environment. While patients are in the hospital, their medical care is our top priority.

Visits to some patients are restricted for infection control or other reasons. We will maintain privacy and confidentiality for them. Some restrictions are essential for compliance with state and federal safety and privacy regulations. Exceptions to visitation regulations may be made only at the discretion of the patient, nursing staff and security personnel.

The Visiting Clergy Badge is a privilege offered in good faith under the assumption that the minister will visit only members of his or her congregation. The minister will maintain professional conduct appropriate to the role. Any breach of this understanding may lead to revocation of this privilege.

When You Have a Concern

Contact the Patient Relations Department on the first floor of the hospital or call 313-966-4565. Spiritual Care Services can be contacted at 313-966-3452 or by paging 313-745-0203, pager 5861. There is a chaplain on-call in the hospital at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding so that together we can provide the best care for your patients.

Adventures in Caregiving Educational Seminars

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, the Spiritual Care Services Department hosts Adventures in Caregiving, an educational seminar for anyone interested in developing practical skills in caregiving. The training is required for Spiritual Care volunteers. For more information, call 313-966-3452.